On Apr 11, 2022, our bike pricing is increasing on average approximately 7%, which is in line others in the bicycle industry.

One silver lining of the pandemic has been the huge increase in cycling’s popularity. The ripple effect of increased demand combined with material shortages is boosting component costs.

You may have noticed the prices of pretty much everything you buy going up. Unfortunately, we are having to adjust our prices to account for these cost increases.

The average rate of inflation for 2021 was released at 7% - which does not include the price of housing or automobiles in the calculation (as you know, housing and cars have increased over 30% in some places).

All the components we source have seen price increases of 10-15%. In addition, shipping costs have increased almost 10X!

What’s the good news?

Our new bikes are getting a big upgrade in the way of more powerful motors! So, you absolutely will get your money’s worth.

Quest 2 Pro: EP8 @ 85nm
Quest 2 Sport: EP8 @ 85nm
Quest 2: EP8 @ 85nm
Cruise 2: E7000 @ 70nm

What are the new prices?

  MSRP (CAD) MSRP after Mar 28, 2022 (CAD)
Quest 2 Pro  $6,999.00 $7,699.00
Quest 2 Sport  $6,399.00 $6,999.00
Quest 2 $5,699.00 $6,299.00
Cruise 2 $4,999.00 $5,499.00



March 11, 2022 — Michael DeVisser

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