Shimano E-Bike Systems


SHIMANO E-Bike Systems put the power in the pedal so you can focus on the journey. It gives you a boost when you need it most. And won’t let you down if you take the long way home.

Why choose SHIMANO E-Bike Systems?

Unparalleled performance built on proven technology

Built on experience
Built on a century’s worth of innovations, our e-bike system outperforms the competition to serve as undisputed benchmark in the industry.

Fully enhanced riding experience
Its unique design and features allow you to ride further and more comfortably than ever before. You’ll be inspired to leave your car at home.

Shimano E-Bike Systems

Development Philosophy

Designed to emulate the riding motion of a regular bike and– thanks to the intuitive pedal-assist – you’ll barely notice you’re on an e-bike.
But you will benefit from the extra support.

Smart, smooth, silent and powerful, Shimano E-Bike Systems will keep you healthy and agile whatever road you take – and you’ll create terrific memories with friends along the way.