OHM is committed to reducing traffic congestion, lowering C02 emissions and improving personal health by encouraging people to leave the car at home, and hop on an e-bike.

Over 50% of North Americans commute a distance achievable by E-bike. Riding an OHM regularly can dramatically improve both your physical and mental health. E-biking has a lower impact than a regular bike, making it comfortable for anyone.Traveling by car adds up fast, but it costs only 5 cents to charge an e-bike! Simply put, E-bikes are fast and comfortable, they are good for your health and don’t break the bank. Once you make the switch, you won’t go back.

Update May 11, 2023: OHM Electric Bikes are now eligible for up to $1,700 rebate through the Specialty-Use Vehicle Incentive Program (SUVI)

E-Bike to Work


At the start, 75% of participants were dissatisfied with their commute, agreeing that their commute directly affects their job satisfaction.

Those participants who drove to work were able to E-bike in an equal amount of time. Those who used transit were able to complete their commute in half the time on e-bike.

75% of participants felt happier and more energized with their E-bike commute. By the end of the week all participants were very satisfied with their e-bike commute compared with their usual transport mode.

With 50% saying they are very likely to choose commuting by e-bike as their primary transport mode.

Bike to Work reviews
A ride in the morning is a great way to start your day.
— Alice Lo - Arc'teryx
What surprised me the most is how quickly I could get home.
— Angus Johnson - Hatfield Consultants
Before I leave work I usually feel anxious, but now i feel stress free.
— Nancy Fedoruk - Arc'teryx
I'm getting outside, getting more exercise... that's made me a happier person.
— Leona Smith - COWI


We offer rentals for short term trials. Perfect for those on the fence, or companies wanting to run an E-bike to work week.


We offer leasing options for companies looking to extended e-bikes to their staff for commuting or recreational use.


We offer considerable discounts on corporate fleets for employers who wish to supply a number of permanent E-bikes to their work force.