We Are OHM

We believe that everyone should have the freedom to ride, and be re-energized by the entire experience - from start to finish. The freedom to skip past traffic, explore the backwoods, and charge up hills. It's about going where you want, when you want, and discovering what the world has to offer. We build e-bikes to satisfy that powerful yearning for new experiences.

our mission

To empower riders with the best e-bike riding experience

As the pioneer in North American electric bike manufacturing, we've gained years of experience in designing innovative, high-performance e-bikes. In 15 years, OHM has grown from a small start-up in a Vancouver garage to an internationally-respected brand that is helping to revolutionize the electric bicycle industry.

We've developed a reputation in the e-bike community for good reason: we produce high-quality, comfortable, power-assisted bicycles with exceptional riding range that are really fun to ride. Since 2005 when our first prototypes were produced, OHM has invited cyclists to go for a ride and experience the difference. Some things are better experienced than explained.

why ohm

E-bike for the better

Creating electric bikes in Vancouver, Canada, means OHM Electric Bikes actively supports the City of Vancouver's Renewable City Action Plan and its Priorities for Green Transportation. We're a proud proponent of going green with electric bikes - an eco-friendly solution to the world's environmental and transportation changes. 

driven by passion

Why choose OHM

Thoughtfully designed from the ground up, our hydroformed aluminum frame forms the backbone for a well-integrated system that includes superior components and a substantial focus on comfort. We carefully consider every new element on our e-bikes, and if it doesn't add to a better riding experience, it doesn't belong.

The OHM brand

The inspiration for our name comes from the German physicist, Georg Ohm, who developed an important theory for electrical current and is the namesake for ohm (Ω), a unit of electrical resistance.