VANCOUVER, BC — October 2020 marks the 15 year anniversary of OHM Electric Bikes, Vancouver’s first small batch electric bike manufacturer. To celebrate this milestone, OHM is releasing an advanced e-bike series featuring the all-new Shimano STEPS EP8 system. 

About OHM

OHM Electric Bikes has pioneered the e-bike industry with unparalleled expertise. They design, produce, and sell high-end commuter and trekking electric bikes for all levels of riders. 

OHM believes their riders deserve the best electric bikes possible, which is reflected in their craftsmanship. Each component is carefully selected to ensure the highest standard of quality, minimizing maintenance costs and time in shop. Each e-bike series is improved upon from the last and incorporates customer feedback.

OHM practices a small batch production model and locally sells their e-bikes out of their factory store in North Vancouver, BC.

The Quest Sport Series

Continuing their commitment to innovation and customer service, OHM has created a bold new e-bike series with the explorer in mind. 

Watch your limits to adventure melt away with the Quest Sport e-bike series. This series is an extension of the 2020 Quest model e-bike. Built especially for trekking, the Quest Sport series features all-new components unlike any of its predecessors. 

All new models are equipped with the just-released Shimano EP8 drive system providing 85nm of torque for a thrill like never before. Explore the road less travelled with maximum authority and minimum effort. The compact, nearly-silent motor weighs in at just 2.6kg with 10% reduced volume, packing the best-in-class power for its weight.

All bikes in the Quest Sport series weigh less than 55lbs for easy transportation. The 630WH battery powers the 4 pedal-assist modes for ultimate efficiency, resulting in the longest range possible on a single charge. 36% less drag provides the most natural riding experience and agility on any terrain. 

A significant portion of OHM customer feedback has focused on the desire for a heavier duty trekking e-bike specifically built for trails. OHM seeks to satisfy the craving for off-the-beaten-path excursions with the Quest Sport series.

The Quest Sport e-bike series will feature new models: The Quest Sport and Quest MTN. All bikes are built with OHM’s signature hydroformed aluminum frame in three sizes (16.5”, 18.5”, and 21”) with an ergonomic top tube for the perfect fit.

2021 Quest Sport

Trek fearlessly with the Quest Sport. The 120mm boost front suspension fork provides stability and agility to soften steep drops and is common among all three new models. Confidently explore winding trails — thicker tires allow for improved traction and control. 


2021 Quest MTN


The Quest MTN comes with extra wide 2.6 inch Johnny Watts knobby all-terrain tires, providing extra grip on unpredictable backcountry trails. Improved control and efficiency is granted by the 12-speed hydraulic shifting mechanism.

The Quest Sport series will be available for pre-order on on November 15th, 2020. The shipment will arrive at the OHM factory store in North Vancouver on March 15th, 2021 — just in time for cycling season. 

OHM is a Vancouver-based small batch electric bike manufacturer founded to empower riders with the best e-bike riding experience. OHM creates e-bikes for all types of riders — from those who value comfort and ease of use, to fearless adventure-seekers. OHM’s dedication to their customers is seen in their craftsmanship — designs are based on feedback from their riders and emphasize customization abilities. Founded in 2005, OHM has built a reputation as innovative market leaders and industry pioneers. Named the best electric city commuter bike by Electric Bike Review, OHM’s cleverly-designed frames are tested for reliability, durability, and safety and feature only the highest quality, hand-selected components. OHM seeks to provide an alternate source of transportation that is sustainable, built to last, and fun to ride.


Michael DeVisser

President & CEO

Kat Knowles
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These look to be very interesting and powerful bikes. Are there any videos that might show the prototypes being discussed so we could see one in operation! I’m very tempted, and further, I’d love to see the differences in the two bikes explained for the average ebiker.

— Stuart

Wow! Really nice looking and stacked with new stuff (+ battery, + motor with >torque, not that I use all of what I have now, and +assist setting. I didn’t think there could be any improvements but you guys continue to push it. Thanks

— Ken