VANCOUVER, BC — OHM Electric Bikes, the award-winning pioneers of the e-bicycle industry celebrate 15 years of business through innovative technology.

About OHM

Once a small startup founded in Vancouver, OHM has grown to be a globally-recognized e-bike manufacturer. OHM seeks to provide an alternate source of transportation that is sustainable, technology-focused, and built to last. 

“At OHM Electric Bikes we are driven to empower all levels of riders to receive the best e-bike riding experience,” states founder and CEO Michael DeVisser. “We’re on a mission to reinvent the future of mobility.”

They have earned the trust of loyal customers worldwide for their commitment to the highest standard of service and quality. OHM refuses to cut corners on any component, big or small, to lower production costs. Riders know they're investing in a quality product when they choose OHM. 

Long-time partnerships with dedicated and experienced professionals enables them to create a world-class machine that is both powerful and durable, yet intricate and sleek.

Today, e-bikes come in many different prices, qualities, and levels of customization. OHM e-bikes are cleverly designed from the ground up to ensure reliability, durability, and safety. Hand-selected components guarantee the highest level of quality and customization abilities allowing riders to achieve ultimate comfort.

Michael DeVisser, CEO

Micahel DeVisser of OHM Electric Bikes

Michael DeVisser is the founder and CEO of OHM Electric Bikes since its inception in 2005. Michael is an entrepreneurial management university graduate with over 15 years experience in the e-bike space, making him an industry pioneer. Michael is driven by his lifelong passion for bicycles — road and mountain alike. Through the detailed craftsmanship and commitment to quality, it’s clear Michael won’t settle for anything less than the best for OHM riders.

OHM E-Bikes

COVID-19 has increased the adoption of e-bicycles as the population shifts its perception of public transportation. Even before the pandemic, pedelec e-bikes have increased in popularity across the globe since OHM was founded in 2005.

From a startup to one of the leading manufacturers in the e-bike space, OHM sets the standard by consistently delivering a premium product backed by over 15 years of industry experience. Always one step ahead, OHM takes customer feedback to refine and improve each model from the last to deliver an always-exceptional product. 

Purpose-built frames are engineered for safety and come in four sizes and two colours. Highly customizable components ensure riders have the most comfortable experience possible and turn heads on the bike path.

The extra long-range battery allows riders to go further than ever before on a single charge. The powerful Shimano mid-drive motor is integrated and discreet, providing a natural riding feel. 

Michael DeVisser and Cruise e-bike

E-bikes come with all the accessories needed for commuting: Alloy fenders, a rear rack, front and rear lights, rotary bell, and kickstand. The bikes weigh up to just 52lbs, making car rack attachment easy. 3 levels of pedal-assist are displayed on an easy-to-use cycle computer mounted on the ergonomic handlebars. Connectivity to a smartphone app provides more detailed statistics.

OHM e-bikes are built to last, minimizing time in shop and maximizing time on the bike path. OHM is designed to take you on any adventure — from the trail to the grocery store — and arrive sweat-free with a big smile. 

Driven by a passion for bikes and founded on the principle that everyone deserves an exceptional riding experience, OHM knows what it takes to make great bikes.


2005 - OHM founded by Michael DeVisser

2007 - First generation e-bike launched

2010 - 500 OHM riders

2012 - Second generation e-bike launched & first step-thru model

2015 - 2000 OHM riders

2016 - Third generation e-bike launched with semi-integrated battery

2019 - Fourth generation e-bike launched with first mid-drive motor

2020 - OHM celebrates 15 years in business

OHM is a premium electric bike manufacturer based in Vancouver, Canada. We design, produce and sell commuter and trekking electric bikes emphasizing innovative design, superior quality and the ability to customize. Established in 2005, OHM has grown into an internationally-respected brand that is helping revolutionize the e-bike industry.


Michael DeVisser

President & CEO

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Happy 15 th anniversary !
Best wishes for your next 15 th anniversary !
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Regards richard

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