OHM is extremely grateful to announce our e-bikes are now a part of the Vancouver Police Department via the Vancouver Police Foundation! The VPF builds a safer community by funding crime prevention programs that exceed the annual operating budget of the VPD.
With e-bikes increasing in popularity by means of their low-impact, high-performance, and eco-friendly perks, it makes perfect sense that the VPD needed to be a part of this positive impact upon the city and community, and chose OHM to assist with this journey.

VPD Police OHM E-Bikes
VPD hand-selected OHM out of numerous other electric bike manufacturer candidates for a pilot project to supply them with e-bikes especially designed with superior and enhanced features in mind. OHM is a proud supporter of safety in Vancouver, and our specifically customized models will be an important part of the patrol unit alongside traditional bicycles for increased crime-fighting power. These bikes feature an extra long-range battery, mid-drive motor, and all the bells and whistles. In partnership with the city's Green Fleet Strategy with an aim to reduce fossil fuel emissions 50% by 2030, VPD is ambitiously moving towards a welcome change to reduce their carbon footprint. State-of-the-art and sleek yet resilient and durable, this fleet hand-designed by OHM made them an easy choice for the VPD. Keep an eye out and you might just spot one!

VPD Police OHM E-Bike


Kat Knowles
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