It’s a beautiful, sunny and warm Saturday morning in Vancouver. After rolling out of bed, you walk to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. You shower, brush your teeth, and step out to your balcony with a book. While looking out at the cityscape of your breathtaking home, you take a sip of coffee and think, “what a lovely day for a bike ride.”

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Good thing you stopped by OHM last weekend to pick up the long-awaited 2020 Cruise model electric bike! This versatile e-bike has a sleek and sturdy step-through frame which comes in two colours and four sizes, providing comfort and satisfaction for all riders. The 504 WH lithium-ion battery provides a longer range than most similar e-bikes at 90-176km on a single charge. We did the math — that’s up to 30% more than our competitors. If you do happen to run out of juice, fear not! The high-speed four Amp battery charger can fully charge your battery in just 3 hours time to get you right back where you belong — on that bike path. The battery can also be charged over one thousand times without significant power loss, so you won’t need to come running back to the factory store in North Vancouver to grab a new one anytime soon. 

Weighing-in at under 50lbs (48 to be exact) the Cruise is categorized as a lightweight e-bike so you can easily affix and remove it from your car for those weekend adventures. Compared to your road bike, that might be a little on the heavier side, but don’t forget one of the main reasons why you bought a bicycle of the elecsmiling woman riding the 2020 Cruisetric variety — to charge up those hills without breaking a sweat, of course! The Cruise is equipped with an E6100 Shimano STEPS integrated motor designed for optimal power transfer to deliver maximum power despite its discreet nature. Controlled easily by the large display cycle computer mounted between the handlebars, the pedal assist has three modes to choose from: Eco, Normal, or High for a fully customizable riding experience. The motor allows the rider to travel at a speed of 32km/hr, falling under the Class 1 category — fully legal wherever pedal-powered bikes are permitted. Not that many people would be able to tell you’re actually riding an electric bike from a distance anyway!

When you buy a bicycle from a shop, you usually just get the bicycle, nothing more and nothing less. The Cruise comes armed with everything you need to take it image of accessories for sale at OHM factory storeout for a nightly grocery run. Front and rear lights so you can comfortably see the road ahead (and be seen!) on those dark autumn evenings, fenders to protect your clothing from the splashes of the inevitable Vancouver rain, a Racktime carry rack to mount your supply-filled panniers, rotary bell to alert slower riders, and a sturdy kickstand. These accessories can cost upwards of $250 when purchased on their own. We love our customers and want to get you out on the road with your new e-bike as soon as you leave the shop! If you do need some additional accessories, they’re available for purchase at the OHM factory store so you can get everything you need in one trip.

Seeing as your electric bike is still a bike, it’s important to have it serviced every so often. We recommend you get your bike tuned up every 200-500km to keep it running smoothly. Did you know OHM isn’t just a factory store — we have designated electric bike mechanics on hand to help you get back to zooming around the city almost as fast as your e-bike can go. The best part is your first service within 6 months of an e-bike purchase is free! Or else you can choose from one of our comprehensive service packages which you can conveniently book online. OHM e-bikeMike and the Cruises also come with a 1-year warranty on bike components, 2-year warranty on the Shimano drive system, and a 5-year warranty on the frame, as well as a 30-day full refund return policy if you aren’t completely satisfied with your new e-bike. However, we’re almost positive you won’t be needing it!


Whether you’re going for a bike ride with your family, commuting to and from work, or running errands around town, the Cruise is ready and waiting for your next adventure.

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congratulations…………your newsletter reads very well and the pictures are great……….

did you ever consider doing some tours to further the sense of being a group , with the added benefit of excellent advertising.

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— Tim Brock