SHIMANO DEORE XT Di2 Right Shift Switch - SW-M8150-R

$249.99 CAD

The all-new DEORE XT SW-M8150-R shifting switch empowers quick and instinctive shifting for focused riding and racing. Take control of your ride with its adjustable paddle and easily customizable buttons. The light yet responsive button clicks over rough terrain eliminate second-guessing for greater confidence and flow.

  • Easy and intuitive access lever with short stroke for quick and responsive operation
  • Individually adjust each paddle to match your riding style and preferences
  • Light, yet responsive click feeling for precise shifting over rough terrain
  • Customize shifting input and multi shift settings with E-TUBE PROJECT
  • Extra button for quickly selecting AUTO SHIFT or manual shift settings
  • Power directly supplied from main STEPS battery
  • Connect directly to STEPS via E-TUBE cable EW-SD300249.99