KLICKfix Handlebar Adapter for Bar Bags and Baskets

$54.99 CAD

From bags to baskets to mapholders-all these accessories are easily "clicked" onto the handlebar adapter and just as easily removed by a simple press of the red button. Extremely robust body made of glass fibre reinforced polyamide. Using our various sockets, brackets, clamps and distance pieces, you can adjust the adapter to suit nearly any bike. With oversize clamps for handlebars Ø 31,8 mm handlebars.

  • Extremely robust body thanks to glass-fibre reinforced plastics
  • Ingenious security cable prevents the adapter from leaning downward on the handlebar, 7 kg max.
  • Adjustable to suit every stem shape and desired inclination
  • Fully compatible with old and new accessories
  • Multiple variants for different bike types, handlebar diameters and alternative mounting positions

Installation info