Shimano E-Bike Systems


Powerful lightweight motors designed for optimal power transfer to deliver maximum distance and pleasure. Mounted at bike's center of gravity for best handling. Incredibly durable for all weather conditions.


A more intelligent drive unit that offers controllable high-performance power with a max torque of 85Nm across a wider cadence range than ever before. The result is smooth power and enhanced control to provide that natural ride feeling on the trails.

  • 85Nm of max torque across a wider cadence range
  • Smooth and intuitive for a natural ride feeling
  • Compact and light, weighing just 2.7 kg
  • More intelligent, enabling FREE SHIFT and AUTO SHIFT capabilities when combined with the new DEORE XT Di2
  • Provides expanded connectivity via CAN and ACC ports
  • Quiet motor lets you enjoy the trails without distraction
  • Improved heat management means no drop in performance during long climbs
  • Extensive customization options with E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist app via FINE TUNE mode
  • Assist modes: Walk, Eco, Trail and Boost


Take on steep climbs and tough trails in full confidence with maximum torque.

- Lightweight for better handling (2.6 kg)
- Max torque of 85Nm for ultimate performance


Fully customizable, nearly silent support that’s smooth and easy to operate.

- Low weight for improved bike handling ( 2.8 kg)
- Max torque of 60Nm for solid performance


Smooth, intelligent pedaling support that’s easy to operate

- Low weight of 2.88 kg
- Variable max torque (60Nm Sportive, 50Nm Comfort)

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