Satori Turn-Up Fully Adjustable Stem

$76.99 CAD

The Satori Turn-Up Fully Adjustable Stem has been designed to have two adjustments, well integrated in one compact stem to satisfy any rider with the most comfort position. Made from 3D forged alloy, which has been skillfully CNC machined to produce this finely finished product from the Satori brand name. This model has a black body and has been fitted with a silver faceplate.

Its first adjustment is in line with the head tube for the most upright comfortable position any rider would require from 0~ 80-degree. And the second is for the angle at which the rider would prefer to ride, whether it be downhill or just dirt tracks fully adjustable from -80~80 degree. It is quick and easy to adjust the riding position to suit  any rider whether they are short or tall.