The new OHM Quest SUV is our newest electric bike design inspired by sport utility vehicles. It is a versatile all-rounder that combines the advantages of mountain, trekking, and city electric bikes. It is perfect for everyday trips and off-road adventures thanks to its top-of-the-line equipment. It's comfortable for everyday trips, but can also handle off-road and all-season conditions.

No matter the terrain, these e-bikes can take you there. City streets, forest roads, or even mountain trails, these bikes are equipped to handle it all. With wider tires, a suspension fork, disc brakes, and a robust luggage rack, you'll be able to take your e-bike anywhere you want to go. It's the perfect balance between comfort and performance.

When it comes to e-bikes, OHM lets design, integration and function be the guides of its product development process. With the idea to create a new generation of e-bikes, OHM is constantly innovating to bring riders the best possible experience. With a sleek, intuitive design, OHM Quest SUV allows riders to connect with their e-bike like never before.


Schwalbe SUV Tires

OHM Quest SUV ebikes are equipped with new Schwalbe SUV tires designed for pavement to off-road. These wider tires designed to give you a smooth ride on any terrain. They're also puncture resistant and durable, so you can drive with confidence on any road.

Schwalbe Super Moto
Super Moto: Its slick motorcycle design upgrades the value of every bicycle. With a large footprint, this tire offers excellent traction in urban areas, while its tread provides a good amount of grip for cornering on pavement.

Higher Capacity Battery 

OHM Quest SUV ebikes are equipped with 630Wh battery offering 25% higher performance and longer range. 

OHM Li-ion 630Wh Integrated Battery

Integrated Down Tube Battery 630Wh Darfon For Shimano Steps


 Powerful Motor

OHM Quest SUV ebikes are equipped with Shimano EP8 motor with 85Nm torque offering 40% more hill climbing performance vs previous models. 

 Shimano EP8

 Shimano EP8 Motor, 85Nm. 


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