In a significant development for cycling enthusiasts and youth mobility, OHM Electric Bikes is poised to redefine the e-bike experience in British Columbia with its latest offering: the 'Light' e-bike. This innovative class of electric bicycles is specifically tailored for riders as young as 14 years old, presenting a fantastic opportunity to cultivate a new generation of cyclists. Today, we delve into the features of the Light e-bike, the impact of this new class on young riders, and the broader implications for sustainable transportation in BC.

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A Closer Look at the Light e-Bike

The Light e-bike by OHM is designed with simplicity and safety at its core, catering specifically to the needs and requirements of young riders. These bikes are equipped with an electric motor that assists up to a speed of 25 km/h, making them ideal for daily commutes to school, leisure rides around the park, or a fun outing with friends. The manageable motor assistance ensures that young riders can enjoy a boost in speed without compromising on safety.

Classes of E-Bikes in B.C.*
Standard E-Bike
Light E-Bike
Minimum rider age
Maximum motor-assisted speed
32 km/h
25 km/h
Maximum motor power
Throttle assist
*BC Ministry of Transportation 

What sets the Light e-bike class apart is its accessibility. Riders aged 14 and above can operate these bicycles without the need for a driver's license, registration, or insurance. This opens up a new avenue for teenagers who are eager to embrace independence and mobility, while also encouraging them to engage in physical activity.


Enhancing Safety and Accessibility

Safety is paramount when it comes to transportation solutions for younger demographics. OHM Electric Bikes has addressed this concern by equipping their Light e-bikes with essential safety features. These include robust braking systems, lights, and reflectors that ensure visibility and security. Moreover, these bikes adhere to strict manufacturing standards to sustain daily usage by active teenagers.


Promoting Sustainability and Health

By introducing the Light e-bike class, OHM Electric Bikes takes a step forward in promoting sustainable transportation options within BC. Electric bikes offer a clean, efficient, and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional vehicles, especially in urban settings. For young riders, this not only instills a sense of environmental responsibility but also promotes a healthy lifestyle through regular physical exercise enhanced by the electric assist feature.


Final Thoughts

OHM Electric Bikes’ new Light e-bike class has the potential to transform young people's daily transportation in British Columbia. By providing an accessible, safe, and sustainable mode of transport, OHM not only fosters independence among youth but also contributes to the environmental goals of the community. As more families and young riders embrace these e-bikes, we can anticipate a significant shift in how the younger generation perceives and uses transportation—a shift toward more sustainable and active travel choices. Shop OHM Light e-bikes here. 


Michael DeVisser