Navigating the intricate world of electric bicycles can seem daunting, especially when you're seeking an option that's perfect for the entire family. As outdoor activities continue to soar in popularity, e-bikes present an opportunity for families to bond, explore, and stay active together. Amid numerous brands, OHM and Benno stand out for their well-crafted, durable, and versatile electric bikes that make family adventures hassle-free and fun. This guide is dedicated to helping you choose from the top 5 family-friendly e-bikes by OHM and Benno.

 Family Friendly e-bikes

  1. Benno Boost 

For families with a dynamic lifestyle, the Benno Boost is a robust choice. This model is praised for its utility and functionality, offering a powerful Bosch Performance CX motor and a dual battery system that provides an impressive range, which is crucial for those extended weekend getaways. The adaptability of its cargo space makes it an ideal companion for grocery runs or ferrying sports equipment, ensuring that your active family's needs are met.

Key Features:

- Bosch Performance Line CX motor with up to 85Nm of torque

- Telescopic seat post suitable for riders of different heights

- High-quality hydraulic disc brakes for safe stopping

- Flexible cargo options including child seats and pannier bags


  1. OHM Quest 

The OHM Quest is designed with comfort and endurance in mind, making it a top pick for families drawn to longer, more scenic expeditions. This e-bike features a smooth and reliable Shimano EP801 motor and a generous battery capacity, ensuring you can cruise for miles without constant recharging worries. The intuitive pedal-assist system adjusts to your riding style, optimizing battery life and providing an effortless pedaling experience.

Key Features:

- Shimano EP801 motor offering a balance between torque and efficiency

- High-capacity battery for extended range

- Premium front and seat suspension for a smooth ride

- Cargo options including cargo crates and pannier bags


  1. Benno eJoy 9D

Redefine style with the Benno eJoy 9D, which brings an elegant and retro design to the family-friendly e-bike scene. This model doesn't just look good; it's intuitive and comfortable for both everyday errands and leisurely weekend rides. The low step-through design ensures easy mounting and dismounting, which is an excellent feature for parents who might have a little one on a child seat or cargo in the rear rack.

Key Features:

- Powerful Bosch Active Line Plus motor with pedal-assist up to 20mph

- Cushy tires and handlebars for an enjoyable riding experience

- Integrated lighting system for visibility and safety

- Wide range of accessories for hauling gear or kid-friendly add-ons


  1. OHM Cruise

OHM Bikes are known for their reliability and ease of use, and the OHM Cruise is no exception. It's built for comfort and long rides, perfect for family outings.

Key Features:

- A step-through frame that makes it easy for riders of all ages to hop on and off the bike.

- A powerful motor that provides smooth acceleration and enough power to tackle hills without exerting too much effort.

- A long-lasting battery that will keep you going for miles.

- Robust tires and a strong frame that can handle a variety of terrains and additional weight – ideal for attaching child seats or cargo trailers.

  1. Benno RemiDemi 9D

The Benno RemiDemi 9D is particularly geared towards families who enjoy the convenience without sacrificing the 'fun' factor on their rides. With its compact size, nimble handling, and a reliable motor and battery setup, the RemiDemi 9D is an excellent choice for quick trips and can support a variety of cargo options to facilitate family outings and transport needs.

Key Features:

- Bosch PowerPack battery and Performance Line motor

- Thick tires for comfort and traction on various surfaces

- Adjustable riding positions to accommodate different family members

- Durable build quality and a thoughtful selection of accessories


Family friendly e-bikes

Closing Thoughts:

When selecting a family-friendly e-bike, consider factors such as battery life, motor power, capacity for carrying gear or passengers, and overall comfort and ease of use. Both OHM and Benno offer exceptional electric bikes that meet these criteria, and by choosing one of the top 5 models mentioned in this guide, you're sure to find a faithful two-wheeled companion for your family's adventures. Make sure to test ride before purchasing and consider the long-term customer service and warranty options for a worry-free experience. Happy e-biking!

Michael DeVisser