OHM is a leading manufacturer of hydroformed electric bike frames, having developed the first hydroformed e-bike frame in 2013. The company has since taken the design, engineering, and manufacturing of hydroformed electric bike frames to the next level, offering durable and lightweight frames that provide outstanding performance on the trail or road.

Hydroforming is an innovative process in which metal is formed into complex shapes using pressurized water. This process has become increasingly popular in the manufacturing of electric bike frames due to its numerous benefits.

OHM Hydroformed E-Bike Frame Technology

One of the main advantages of hydroforming is that it requires less material than traditional forming methods. This reduces the weight of the frame, making it easier for the rider to maneuver and handle. It also allows for thinner walls, which can increase frame stiffness and improve the overall performance of the bike.

Hydroforming also allows for the creation of complex shapes that would be impossible with traditional forming techniques. This means that the frame can be designed to have unique features that enhance ride comfort and performance. For example tubes can be shaped so that batteries can be integrated inside the frame.

Additionally, the design can be tailored to maximize strength and stiffness while minimizing weight, giving riders a light, strong and durable frame.

Furthermore, hydroforming is a cost-effective manufacturing technique. The process is faster and more efficient than traditional methods, reducing production costs and allowing companies to pass on the savings to the consumer.

Hydroforming is an ideal option for electric bike frames due to its lightweight, cost-effective, and complex design capabilities. It is no wonder that this process has become increasingly popular in the manufacturing of electric bike frames.

OHM is committed to crafting the highest-quality frames using the latest hydroforming technology to ensure riders an unparalleled ride experience. OHM frames are designed to meet the needs of all riders, from the casual commuter to the most demanding off-road enthusiast.

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