As biking season approaches, many riders ask themselves how often they should service their e-bike to ensure it remains in good running condition and extend its life. While there is no exact answer to this question, some general guidelines should be followed.

First and foremost, it is important to read the manufacturer’s instructions and follow their recommended service intervals. Different e-bike manufacturers have different service intervals, and it is important to follow their specific recommendations. Not following the manufacturer’s instructions can lead to serious damage to the bike, so it is always important to stay up to date on the recommended service intervals.

Electric bike maintenance

In general, it is recommended to service your electric bike every 1,000km or 6 months, whichever comes first. This will ensure that all components are in good working condition and that any wear and tear is addressed in a timely manner. Depending on the type of terrain you ride on, this interval might need to be adjusted accordingly. For instance, if you ride on rough terrain, you may need to service your e-bike more often than if you ride on flat surfaces.

In addition to the recommended service intervals, there are also some basic maintenance tasks that should be done on a regular basis. This includes checking the brakes, checking the tire pressure, and lubricating any moving parts. It is also important to check the battery regularly to ensure it is operating at peak performance.

In addition to regular maintenance and service, it is also important to keep an eye out for any signs of wear and tear on the bike. This can include loose or corroded components, or abnormal wear on the tires. If any of these issues are noticed, it is important to address them immediately to prevent any further damage or wear.

Finally, it is important to note that electric bikes require more frequent servicing than traditional bikes due to their increased complexity. It is important to stay current on service intervals and be aware of any signs of wear and tear on the bike. This will help to ensure that your electric bike remains in good working condition and is able to provide years of reliable and enjoyable riding. 

Here's the recommended service intervals for OHM Electric Bikes:

You should be getting your bike tuned every 6 months, or every 1,000km of riding – whichever of those comes first.

What exactly needs servicing?

Remember that your e-bike is also a mechanical creature. Most of the maintenance required is for the drivetrain (chain and gears) and for the brakes.

We will also update your Shimano software to the latest offering, which often improves performance with battery management updates. Plus, sometimes there are new features added! 

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