Project Introduction:

Getting to and from work in North Vancouver can be a challenge. Employers tell us traffic congestion is a major problem. It negatively affects their ability to deliver goods and services, and makes it difficult for them to attract and retain employees. For some employees, electric bikes (e-bikes) can be a viable alternative to taking transit or driving. But what is commuting by e-bike really like? We gave 4 participants electric bikes for Bike to Work Week to find out. 

This project explored the e-bike commuting experience, so we can better understand what would make more people choose this as their preferred mode for getting to and from work. The E-Bike to Work Week project is an example of what can be done with the Economic Partnership North Vancouver (EPNV). By bringing together partners like Ohm Cycles and supportive employers like Arc’teryx, COWI North America and Hatfield Consulting, we will learn how to improve the commute for North Vancouver employees. The Economic Partnership North Vancouver is a catalyst for an economically thriving and sustainable community. EPNV is a program of the North Vancouver Chamber that collaborates on big and small issues to make the North Vancouver economy grow and prosper.

The project results: 

At the start of the survey 3 out 4 of our participants said they were dissatisfied with their current commute. With a majority agreeing that their commute experience directly affects their overall job satisfaction. In other words 75% of participants were experiencing a dissatisfying commute that directly affected their contentment at work. 

During the week 3 out 4 of our participants commented that they felt happier and more energized with their E-bike commute. Those participants who drove to work found they were able to E-bike in an equal amount of time.Those who bussed were able to complete their commute in half the time! Saving over an hour in travel time per day. All participants agreed the E-bike was easy to use and that the learning curve was minimal. By the end of the week all participants were very satisfied with their e-bike commute opposed to their usual transport mode. With 50 percent saying they are very likely to choose commuting by e-bike as their primary commute mode. 

Get involved: 

We are looking to enable more employers and garner a larger sample size.  We are offering the program at a 50% discounted rental rate for local employers.  Please reach out to if you'd like to learn more about the program. 






Josiane Vlitos