Most people, if not everybody, would like to have a good level of physical fitness. Riding for several hours per week will achieve an improvement in overall health.

Riding your OHM Electric bike is:

1. Low impact as it generally causes less injuries vs other forms of exercise, such as running.

2. Good for those with leg mobility issues – Our “Cruise” model has a reinforced low-step frame, with a height of 16” from the ground. This is one of the lowest in the industry making it much easier to mount/dismount. 

Low step electric bike


3. An excellent muscle workout, especially on legs and core. Bicycling uses most of the major muscle groups as you pedal. 

 4. Variable difficulty – You can change your riding conditions, route, distance, speed and assist levels to match your current physical fitness.

5. Builds strength and stamina – riding your OHM helps increase/maintain stamina, strength, and aerobic fitness. 

electric bike health benefits 

6. As intense as you desire – Riding your OHM can be initially started at very low intensity. Keep your assist levels higher if recovering from injury or illness. Reduce your assist levels for a more demanding physical workout.

7. A enjoyable way to stay or get fit– the adventure of discovering a new place, the excitement you get from coasting down hills and being outdoors means you are much more likely to use your OHM regularly. There are no time limitations, COVID regulations, or schedules to when you ride your OHM. 

ohm electric bikes 

8. Time-efficient – use it as a mode of transportation. It will replace time spent sitting driving motor vehicles, or using busses, with healthy physical exercise.
Riding your OHM is a fun way to get in shape and improve overall health. It is easy to fit it into a daily routing by riding to shops, parks, school, or work.  Because it’s fun and easy you more likely to do it often!

Michael DeVisser
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