Benno 46er 10D Wasabi Green - Demo/New - Minor Scratches on Rack

$4,239.00 $6,012.00

*Note* There are minor scratches on the carry rack (happened during shipping) 

The 46er is the same length as a regular bike. And that’s where all similarities end. We ditched convention and added capability. Enough to make any cargo bike sweat. And gave it a sporty ride and front suspension. This unequaled combination of ride and capability starts with unequal wheels. 26″ in the front for extra comfort and control, and 24″ in the back for strength and a lower center of gravity. All powered by the Bosch CX / Speed and a 500Wh intube battery. Born of true Etility® Design, the 46er is reshaping the future of the ebike. For Benno Bikes and the industry.