Have you been dreaming of owning a business that changes lives, puts smiles on your customers’ faces and has great opportunity for profit? OHM is famous in Vancouver for making the best e-bikes. Our secret? An obsession for improvement. Our lab for the last 15 years? A city skirting the rugged mountains of the North Shore’s temperate rainforest. Our customers ride year-round in torrential downpours and glorious sun alike, clocking tens of thousands of kilometers. These bikes are a blast to ride and are built to last.

Fast Growing Industry
E-bikes are the hottest commodity in the world of cycling. Some trends are emerging as the e-bike market matures – and OHM is positioned well. Quality is now king as customers are now looking for their 2nd or 3rd e-bike. Our meticulously designed bikes are sure to turn heads and instill smiles from the most casual ride to the most hardcore commuter.

Business Opportunity
We offer everything you need to setup shop and start selling the best e-bikes available. You will have exclusive access, giving you a huge competitive advantage over standard bike shops with generic offerings.

Innovative Technology
We spend our time obsessing over technological improvements so that you don’t have to. You can focus on making customers happy with their new OHM bikes while we fastidiously analyze how changes in angles and torque specs will improve our next generation.

Michael DeVisser
Chief Electric Officer

Customer reviews
I cannot speak highly enough about my shopping experience with Ohm Bikes on the North Shore.
— Pat Dean
OHM is a first rate e-bike brand. I have 2 OHM bikes in the family and will return to them should I need a 3rd. Their after sales service is top notch
— Tim Pezarro
Very pleased. This is my third e-bike and OHM's design and service is by far the best I have tried. After 7000 km I am extremely happy with the bike and their support in getting me the right bike for me.
— Sheldon North
An amazing riding experience that will change the way you commute in life! One of the highest quality e-bikes on the market. Quality components backed by a great company. Great bikes, great company, spend the money!
— Reid Hemsing

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